Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Background

Northwest Art Framing has been in existence for the dozen years my wife, Rita, and I have lived in Summerfield.  I have always worked from the small shop in my yard, and my advertising has consisted solely of a sign at the end of our road (Everson) turning North off of Old Oak Ridge Rd. about halfway between Oak Ridge and Summerfield.  With this blog I am now putting up another sign.

My philosophy (if that's not too grand a word to describe what i do), is that the framing should enhance the photo, print, document, or original work of art being framed while avoiding stealing its thunder.  It saddens me to see work displayed where it's clear that the framer obviously considered his or her contribution to be of greater importance than the item being framed.  I work towards achieving harmony among the elements of the framing: that the matte(s) should compliment the art being framed in both color and proportion, and that the frame should then compliment both the art and the matting.  I am a custom framer, meaning that I generally frame art that is of sufficient value (either monetary or personal) that the customer wants the job done with great care using acid free materials which will serve to preserve the item being framed.  A signed print by Timberlake or Mangum has value that one would want to protect, and yet a print taken from a favorite calendar can likewise hold great personal or sentimental value.  Family photos are priceless, and documents charting a passage through life are often kept for decades or longer.